Twitter strategy for startups? Being natural should be the new cool!

Last few weeks I’ve spent browsing web trying to learn how to successfully pitch our story to gain the media interest across the borders of our homeland.

Well, thanks to this comprehensive explorations of more less meaningful resources I could gather some early conclusions which I’d like to share with you. Maybe it will help you somehow, maybe I’ll just feel better to relief all this sudden word of wisdom 🙂

  1. Don’t waste your time browsing the web trying to learn how to successfully pitch your story. I can assure you, you won’t find anything you don’t already know. Just pitch your story. To the right person. It is a long term commitment and it will definitely be hard.
  2. Pitching story doesn’t mean pretending your sudden interest in somebody’s activity. It’s more obvious than you probably think.
  3. Pitching story doesn’t mean fitting your thoughts into some recommended scheme.
  4. Just because you call yourself a startup, it doesn’t mean you have to get a media attention. I wish this was kept in minds of all startup CEO’s, CMO’s and CTO’s colleagues, feeling too irresistible to be ignored. We are all destroying the credit of the word “startup” by our insane desire to be recognized, don’t you think?
  5. Too many startups are annoying and amateur in their communication. I have noticed it very quickly, going through all those comments, tweets and retweets. If I were a journalist, I would probably hate and avoid anything that starts with a “start”.
    This brings me to my very first public manifesto: I will do anything in order to not become this kind of pain in the ass.
  6. Plain random retweeting means “I will contact you in a close time via any googlable channel trying to persuade you in a very lax way ”. I did google everything too, so I know. Hate to be this apparent. So I tried to be a bit smarter and retweeted only stuff I really liked. I’ve spent literally 100 hours browsing all those great articles I’ve just discovered. Twitter is huge and full of great thoughts, just in case you didn’t know J. Get ready to push your comfort zone with your new commitment to produce authentic ideas.
  7. In a good faith, I have read all those blogs about what NOT to even think about to do. I ended up scared to do anything. And here I am naked with my desire to create an awareness.

So, I decided. I will stop trying to do things on purpose. I will just be natural. Now you probably think… great job wisehead, what else mind blowing thoughts you want to share?

OK I admit. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. It’s becoming more clear now as I wrote through it. Being natural creates diversity and diversity creates opportunities that startups can harvest.

Please add your startup link in the comments, if you feel it the same way. It would be really refreshing to see that I’m not alone.

And in case you are interested in what I am so “natural” about, this is Tootoot. We’ve been live for 2 months and we’ve just celebrated our 3000th “tootoot” in a row. Yay!

I am ready to connect with you anytime. Hello, my name is Daniela and this is me.

Please excuse some grammar issues, I am not a native speaker. But I will definitely understand you, if you’ll write me an email, no worries J.