Record Label Universal Music Confronts Fans Before Concerts Bookings

Universal Music is testing out a new form of communication with its fans. In cooperation with Slovak concert service, Tootoot, Universal Music is asking fans to vote on where they’d like to see their favorite artist in concert.

Thanks to this direct form of communication the label is able to gather transparent data which can then be used to generate a map of where their artists will be most successful. Artist’s tours can be based on the data or adjusted according to results. Before, concert and tour locations were chosen based on experience and cautious decision making. Now, with the help of Tootoot, fans can interactively take part in the entire process of an artist’s tour map.

Universal’s first Czech-Slovak artist to use the platform is Slza, whose fans await their shows throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Tomas Filip, general manager at Universal Music says, “We are excited about the opportunities of this new service, which is attractive to fans, but also interesting for us when planning tours. Slza is in great demand and unfortunately visiting every city on the map won’t be possible, but we believe it’s thanks to Tootoot that we’ll be able to fulfill the requests of so many fans.” After launching their profile on Tootoot, Slza gained more than 1400 requests for shows over the course of just one weekend. The most requests are for Ostrava and Usti nad Labem, with numbers increasing daily. Fans in both cities have joined together through social media to vote for the strongest cities in the region. Tootoot is integrated with the artist’s Facebook page, making it  easy for fans to make an official request for concerts through the app instead of leaving a bunch of comments on Facebook. This way artists have access to insightful statistics as well as a direct form of contact with fans nearby the resulting concert location. Each fan who sent a request for his or her nearest location receives an email and mobile notification with details about the scheduled show near them, complete with the option to buy tickets right away with the app.

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In addition to Universal Music’s portfolio of Czech artists, Slovak artists are getting involved as well. Popular singer, Adam Durica, has just recently verified his profile on Tootoot, and is already planning a series of “concerts by request” of his fans. “In order for any artist to succeed, personal contact with fans is essential. We foresee more active involvement in the process of organizing live events and believe Tootoot can help us become closer to those who await said concerts,” says Peter Riava, director of Universal Music’s Slovak branch.


Tootoot actively collects user requests in six countries while simultaneously creating space for an effective ticketing system. Besides the classic home-tickets, sent to the buyer’s email address, Tootoot sells mobile tickets, the most convenient solution for fans and promoters. This form of paperless ticketing also allows for the support of environmentally friendly habits by both parties.

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