Global Map of Music Fans Made By Central Europeans Makes An Appearance at Midem Conference

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One of the hottest startups of this year in the music sector is our very own project, Tootoot: the first map of music fans, offering an innovative approach to event planning, marketing, and ticket sales.

Tootoot will make an appearance at one of the most prestigious music conferences, Midem, taking place at the French Cannes. The platform based on user requests for concerts nearby has made its way to the finals of the startup competition by MidemLab, where every year 20 promising innovations to the music industry walk away with industry validation, recognition, and fruitful business opportunities. The jury who sent Tootoot into the finals consists of professionals from some of the industry’s elite, for example Sony Music Entertainment, Pandora, Google, and more. Tootoot was put into the “Marketing, social engagement & monetization solutions” category along with 6-7 other budding projects.

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The Tootoot concert platform was conceived in the heart of Europe in Slovakia less than two years ago and is already currently active in 6 countries, with options open for new strategic partners.

“The very participation in the MidemLab competition is a huge chance for us to present our work and gain new partners and feedback for our idea. In the past, projects like Kickstarter, Soundcloud, and SongKick, got to present at the very same conference. Just knowing this is an honor for us. Tootoot also happens to be the first Slovak company to present at Midem. We are proud to have the opportunity to present our work and will try our very best to represent our country in the best possible way,” says Daniela Grecnerova, co-founder and marketing director at Tootoot.

The Midem Conference is among the most respected B2B events at which top industry professionals make an appearance each year. Among some of these respected professionals is international hitmaker, Timbaland, who just recently announced his attendance as a speaker. Timbaland will lead the presentation of Midem’s artist accelerator as well as give a presentation on creating world hit singles.

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This year is exceptional in that it is the 50th anniversary of the conference which has so consistently provided the music world a place to meet and influence the music business for seasons to come.

Tootoot is a service thanks to which fans can request concerts of their favorite artist in their hometown. With these requests, Tootoot is able to generate valuable data such as the number of requests per artist, geographic representation, and other useful information which can benefit music professionals in the tour and concert planning process. The platform also creates the opportunity for ticket sales in a new and innovative way. In addition to the conventional home-ticket, Tootoot also allows users to purchase mobile tickets. Mobile tickets are not only convenient for all sides of the transaction but are an environmentally friendly solution for all parties.

Tootoot is expanding rapidly in United Kingdom, closing several major deals this month with key industry players. This startup had a great start thanks to a strong partnership with the leading ticketing service in CEE, Ticketportal. Since the very beginning, Ticketportal has seen the potential in Tootoot as a prospective form of ticket sales, leading the ticketing company to test our services in several European countries.