SUCCESS STORY #1 Majk Spirit

It’s amazing to feel such support from my fans!

Fans make their dream concert a reality – Majk Spirit is coming to Trnava, Slovakia!

Tootoot, Slovakia’s favorite concert service app is happy to announce their first fulfilled concert request! After receiving over 300 requests, or “tootoots,” from fans using the mobile app or Tootoot website, Majk Spirit is officially coming to Trnava on November 6th at Monkey Club.

“It’s amazing to feel such support from my fans! The concert happening in Trnava should be noted as a precedent for future events, and I have every single fan in Trnava to thank for that. I look forward to seeing them in Trnava for a show I’m dedicating to the best of fans!  Majk Spirit

Spirit’s fans in Trnava have been some of the most dedicated to the service since the very beginning. Their dedication did not go unnoticed, leading the artist’s management and the Tootoot team to agree on a threshold for a potential show. If Majk Spirit could get 300 requests with the app, he’d hold a concert.

The threshold was fulfilled within less than 13 days, at which point the Tootoot system began notifying local clubs and promoters interested in collaborating with the event. Sure enough, this phase of the process passed with exceptional speed, taking just four days to complete. As soon as all groups associated agreed, Trnava’s Monkey Club announced the official concert date for the 6th of November.

“We’re excited about how this worked out and are confident that this concert in Trnava is going to be an amazing experience! We’re currently working on a number of other projects and are keen to see them unfold. Tootoot is meant to streamline the concert planning process, and I believe we’re on the right path. Just last week we launched our own system for selling tickets, which flows very nicely with our already existing features. Now we can finally say we provide full circle solutions for bands and artists, management, and music venues.” – Michal Svihra, Co-founder at

Concert tickets for “Majk Spirit Powered By Fans,” in Trnava are available online and within the mobile app as a mobile ticket:



This first achievement is only the beginning of an amazing journey with Tootoot. It’s all up to you users and fellow music lovers to vote for your favorite band for free via mobile app or online at, live since spring 2015.