5 Times Your Favorite Artists Gave A Surprise Concert

Here at Tootoot we are all about live concerts. The ritual of getting hyped for the show, arriving to the venue all dressed up, and that magical first time you see your idol with your own eyes are all part of the buzzing excitement of a live concert. But what if you were just hanging out downtown with your friends on a regular ol’ day when suddenly your favorite artist showed up out of nowhere to put on a little show?

Believe it or not, artists of all genres have been putting on impromptu shows for ages!  L.A. to Armenia, artists just can’t help themselves from surprising their fans with unexpected concerts. The best part? They are now easily be able to see where most of their fans are located and come out to perform an unexpected show, just because. Now that’s what we at Tootoot call smart event management 🙂


Taylor Swift Bring A Piano To The Park (Central Park, 2010)

Remember when Taylor Swift still had long hair in curls and made heart shapes with her hands? Yeah, we forgot about that too… but the lucky fans who happened to be walking in Central Park, NYC back in 2010 experienced a concert they’ll remember for the rest of their lives. Taytay playing a grand piano, backed with a professional orchestra was the young artist’s way of launching her much anticipated album, Speak Now.


Maroon 5, The Wedding Crashers (Los Angeles, 2014)


There’s no way you’ve been able to avoid hearing Maroon 5’s spring hit, “Sugar,” unless you’ve been literally living under a rock. More than just a catchy tune, “Sugar,” made its viral debut with an ultra-sweet video of the band playing their latest release at unsuspecting weddings around Los Angeles, California.

Although it’s now been released that the grooms are mostly men from the music industry who already knew about the surprise in advance, the rest of the wedding party had no idea what to expect when walking into the reception with a big white sheet hanging over the back wall. What would you do if Maroon 5 came to rock out at your wedding?


Kelly Clarkson Has The #BestDayEver (Los Angeles, 2015)

Although she may not look the way we’ve always remembered her, Kelly Clarkson is still pushing out world class pop hits. This summer you can look forward to hearing a lot more of the 32 year old singer’s hit track, “Heartbeat Song,” which she belted out at Chevrolet’s #BestDayEver April Fool’s event at The Grove Mall in Los Angeles.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk



U2 Takes It To The Streets (NYC, 2006 and 2015)

Before Ms. Swift even got the idea to launch her new album with a surprise concert in the park, U2 was rocking the socks off of New York City with the release of their 2006 album, How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.



The Irish rockers did it again in May, 2015 with the help of  Jimmy Fallon (The Tonight Show), this time under New York City’s bumbling Grand Central Station under 42nd Street S. This time they were out to promote not a new album, but their latest single, “Song for Someone.”

Source: Brobile.com


Kanye West Jumps In A Lake Yerevan (Armenia, 2015)

No list of surprising artist moments would be complete without the notorious Kanye West. Now imagine you’re just taking a stroll through Armenia’s capital, admiring the ancient city’s many amazing sights when out of nowhere “Stronger” starts blasting through the air. You make your way through the crowd and see the one and only Kanye!

The whole crowd is buzzing with excitement over the performance when suddenly the rapper hurls himself into a lake, full throttle. Fans quickly start to jump in with him and celebrate. Needless to say, the impromptu event was shut down right away but those lucky fans got to experience a truly unique experience. You need to see it to believe it.

Source: Dailymale.com


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