Want more awesome bands to come to your city? Tootoot is the answer to your prayers.

Have a list of bands who haven’t played in your home town yet? Or maybe you’ve been hoping for your favorite rockstar to come back after a long time off the tour bus? There’s an app for that. Tootoot is a brand new hub for music lovers, concert goers and show enthusiasts all across the world. You can now send show requests directly to your favorite artist.

So how does it work, you ask? All you have to do is use the search function of our mobile app to find your favorite band or artist, then tap to send your “tootoot” to send a concert request. By sharing to social media through your connected profile your concert request will become public, allowing more people to join in on the discussion. The service then recommends not only locations to the artists of your choice, but popular venues, local promoters, and the best concert dates.

Tootoot is about to change the way we’ve organized shows for good by giving more power to the people and a greater reward to the artist. Instead of waiting for a list of unpredictable concert dates, show announcements and venues, fans can now take matters into their own hands by going straight to the artist and their managers. Once an artist’s tour dates are made public, followers will be notified right away through the mobile app.

Thanks to a unique algorithm each event can be recommended to other users with similar interests or activity. This feature, among others, makes Tootoot an attractive marketing device for artists wishing to communicate with the public directly and effectively. The service allows artists, promoters, and venues to create events and tickets sales directly on the platform. This feature will be available to artists worldwide in only a few weeks.

This startup had a great start thanks to a strong partnership with the leader of Central European ticket and event sales, Ticketportal. Since the very beginning, Ticketportal has seen the potential in Tootoot as a prospective form of ticket sales, leading the ticketing company to test our services in several European as well as discuss options with partners in the USA and Australia.

We just recently launched the pilot version of Tootoot in late March, 2015. After only one month in the app store music enthusiasts from all over Europe, USA & Australia have sent over 1000 tootoots to the bands and artists of their choice. Not only are people requesting concerts, but artists too. Already more than 100 local bands have requested verification of their profiles with Tootoot.

Tootoot is available to download for free on Google Play and on the Appstore, too. Tootoot is currently mobile-only. For users wishing to check the service without the app, a beta version of Tootoot is available at www.tootoot.co.

Join us for free and be part of the band’s decision – where should we gig next?

Tootoot team